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The interior of every vehicle body can be as “Unique” as the exterior. 

Insurance claims are an everyday problem for moving companies so the ability to contain the load is very important

Unique Van Bodies offer a wide range of interior finishes to accommodate your needs these include, Timber tie rails, lining panels, insulation, all types of load restraints, all these can be fitted to the Bulkhead, floor, sides, and roof, second deck facility in any position plus the storage, horizontal or vertical shoring poles, fixed partitioning, movable bulkheads, Padded rails, mechanical handling equipment, work lamps, and lighting, We at Unique feel that there is no standard specification due to the differing loads being carried by removers, box van bodies at first glance are a simple vehicle however to spec them correctly we feel you need to speak to the experts to identify your needs, a little more expense at the start will result in savings over the vehicles life

Fine art movers need to ensure that priceless artefacts reach their destination without the slightest indication that it has ever been moved.

Climate control vehicles are fitted with fridge unit / evaporators, this is to maintain a temperature usually, 18 degrees plus or minus 3 degrees .

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