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Cab-top Sleepers

Unique Van Bodies offer a wide variety of fuel-saving aerodynamic Cab top sleepers / Deflectors for the removal industry.

We feel we are a one stop shop for sleeping accommodation as we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in using fibreglass.

Our Cab Top Sleeper can be fitted to most vehicles from 3.5-ton to 18 ton.

Cab top sleepers come in many designs, the more commonly used ones are the  “UVB” and the “Air mover”, the latter being used with our boat-tail design body work.  Both are styled to be dimensionally inline with the high bodied vehicle, below upper section and down to lower cab and back has fully styled fairings, these further improve appearance, reduce cab to body gap to a minimum, and increase M.P.G. Entrance is via a sliding upholstered roof hatch and to assist entry we can fit a step box or ladder system.

As standard, all cavities are insulated, inner surfaces are covered with trim liner carpet, together with nearside and offside window units, curtains and rails.

The rear bunk can be folded up to the bulkhead and retained to gain access.

Two bunks are fitted along with quality mattresses, with storage space provided. The electric control panel is fitted with 12 and 24 volt sockets with illuminated switches to interior lights, and for extra safety a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher are also fitted. The interior lights we provide are very bright but have very low-voltage so they should not have any impact on the battery. 

We can fit many extras if desired such as, T.V. ,DVD, CD players, night-heater, microwave, fridge, cooler box, cookers, extractors, air conditioning and hot and cold washing facility. When discussing your requirements, dependent on the combination, we can advise if an extra battery with split charging system is required.   With any combination of the above, a battery protector is built in to ensure enough power to start the engine in the morning.

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